Consultant Management & Training

Our Services provide assistance to those of you who want to start a business in freight forwarding. We do our services until your business is ready to do business. And we also provide training and certification for your company. All completeness and requirements for companies in the field of freight forwarding are complete.

As for the training that must be and can be followed by every company and participants, are:

  1. General K3 Expert
  2. SMK3
  3. K3 Construction from (Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of PUPR, BNSP)
  4. Lift planes (overhead cranes, etc.)
  5. Train H2s
  6. Training and certification of Fire Safety Classes A, B, C, D
  7. Oil and Gas Training Rigger
  8. K3 Oil & Gas (officers and Supervisors)
  9. Instrumentation calibration
  10. K3 Scaffolding, Steam Plane (Boilers)
  11. Seismic Investigation
  12. TKDN Certification
  13. CSMS
  14. and others

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